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KGB Swag LineLife Kite Line Protectant
KGB Swag LineLife Kite Line Protectant


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LineLife is a brand new product for protecting and restoring kite lines. We feel that it's been needed for a long time.

Are you tired of changing out broken worn out Kite Lines every season? Is your De-power Strap wearing out too Fast? Connection Points wearing out quickly from sand and salt?

Try using LineLife to restore some Life back into your old tired and worn out lines, so you can keep using those Lines longer.

Or apply to almost new lines to protect and dramatically extend the life of your New Bar and Lines.


LineLife not only cleans your lines, but also coats them with a protective shield, which keeps harmfull elements from slowly destroying your bar and lines, such as dirt and salt water contaminants. LineLife also has the highest UV protection available, it's like sunscrren for your bar and lines.


Super easy to apply and can be used outdoors safely. Line Life is waterbased and Eco-Friendly, so no need to wear gloves when applying product.


Product Info:

Restores new line performance to your tired old lines.

Protects lines and all bar components from the damaging effects of, sand, dirt, salt water corrosion and sunlight.

Dramatically reduces line tangles, stiffness and fraying.

Cleans as it protects.

Non-toxic, eco-friendly formula - contains no petroleum distillates.

Scent and residue free.

Easy, no fuss application.


Linelife can be reused when lines are cleaned with GearWash prior to initial product application.

Also: Use on your sunglasses for a scratch / dirt resistant protective coating!


100% Made In America


Also treat all your Kite Equipment with GearWash and KiteLife for full protection from most destructive elements.


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About this Manufacturer

Kite Gear Box Logo home of KGBswag kite apparel / products brand, is new to the kiteboarding community as of 2010. It is our intention to bring to market innovative kiter designed apparel and products that will enhance each users kiting experience.
Currently we are manufacturing KGBswag, our own brand of clothing and products some of which are already on the market as of Jan 2010. We are also proud to be the northwestern US ambassadors for EH kites in addition to offering IKO certified kiteboarding and snowkiting instruction as an IKO Point.