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KGB Swag KiteLife Equipment Protectant
KGB Swag KiteLife Equipment Protectant


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KiteLife Equipment Protectant is specifically formulated for Kiting Fabrics and is also effective for use on all your Kiting Equipment.

Its like A WATERPROOFING SUNSCREEN for your kites and gear. By offering the highest UV protection available, KiteLife will protect all your gear from the suns harmful rays.

KiteLife also micro-cleans the surfaces of all your equipment and extracts the imbedded contamination, and does it without the use of toxic solvents or harsh abrasives. KiteLife even contains agents that resist stains and odors caused by mold and mildew.

After loosening these micro contaminants, our KiteLife Cross-Linked Polymer Shield fills the surface pores and cures to a super durable finish. This Polymer Shield encapsulates and discards virtually all odors from all your equipment.


KiteLife then forms a permanent shield which repels subsequent contamination from returning to the pores of the surface.
This long lasting protection will greatly retard the oxidation process by repelling UV rays, water, oxygen and dirt from permeating the surface of all your equipment, adding years to the life of all your equipment.

Here are some of KiteLife's unique features:


  • KiteLife screens out UV rays that damage equipment, highest UV protection available.
  • Adds a long lasting water repellent Polymer Shield to all your gear.
  • Use on your boards to decrease water resistance and increase your speed.
  • Helps maintain and restore the new look and feel of all kite and equipment surfaces including wetsuits, Harnesses, and Boards!
  • KiteLife creates a durable finish that guards against stains, soiling and smells, including mold and mildew.
  • It's so easy to apply, just spray then wipe on with a synthetic cloth and let dry.
  • Environmentally safe, non toxic formula - containing no harsh chemicals or petroleum products.
  • Safe to apply with bare hands.
  • Great for using to restore equipment prior to resale.

Try it and your equipment will thank you for it!
Try our LineLife on your kite lines to protect them from the elements.


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About this Manufacturer

Kite Gear Box Logo home of KGBswag kite apparel / products brand, is new to the kiteboarding community as of 2010. It is our intention to bring to market innovative kiter designed apparel and products that will enhance each users kiting experience.
Currently we are manufacturing KGBswag, our own brand of clothing and products some of which are already on the market as of Jan 2010. We are also proud to be the northwestern US ambassadors for EH kites in addition to offering IKO certified kiteboarding and snowkiting instruction as an IKO Point.