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Thee Fisherman's Soap
Thee Fisherman's Soap

Fisherman's Soap

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Many times fishermen apply fish scent to their hands so that they can handle gear without transferring their human scent and potentially scare off the fish. This is no longer needed if using Thee Fisherman's Soap before you handle your gear.  Using Thee Fisherman's Soap on tackle and hands will take care of your concerns and the odor.  It doesn't mask odors ... it eliminates them!
Not only can you use Thee Fisherman's Soap to eliminate human scent you can use it to clean up after fishing.
Thee Fisherman's Soap is specially formulated to eliminate fish and bait odors; just lather up, scrub (warm water and scrub brush is best), rinse, and repeat.
Thee Fisherman's Soap contains secret ingredients that do not dry out your hands, and leaves them feeling soft and odor free.
Thee Fisherman's Soap makes a great pre-wash for all the serious hunters out there!
 Also works well on other tough odors:
  • Skunk
  • Onion
  • Bait
  • Cigarette
  • Garlic


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