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Kevin VanDam's Line & Lure Conditioner
Kevin VanDam's Line & Lure Conditioner

KVD 4oz Bottle

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Pro bass fishermen are always on the lookout for anything that will give us an advantage over our competition. The right lure combined with the proper presentation is key to winning tournaments. Presentation is as much about your equipment working efficiently and consistently as it is about skill. For year's fisherman have relied on silicone based treatments in an effort to reduce line drag and line guide resistance during casting. Unfortunately these products rarely have any positive effect on today's more specialized lines and end up making hands and tackle oily and can pollute our lakes and streams. My Line and Lure Conditioner was designed with these new high-tech lines in mind. It will add yards to your casts, reduce casting effort and virtually eliminate the frustrations of backlash and line twists, all without the oily mess and pollution problems associated with silicone oil treatments. This all adds up to casting more accurately, more often. Now isn�t that what we�re all after in the first place. Try my Line & Lure Conditioner. I guarantee that it will improve your casting distance and accuracy or I�ll return your purchase price.

"I guarantee that my Line and Lure® Conditioner will improve your casting distance, accuracy and confidence." -Kevin VanDam

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Bottle Size Wt. Stock Price Qty. Add To Cart
Trial Size 20-ml0.11158$1.00
4-oz Spray0.31874$10.45
4-oz Refill Flip-Top No Sprayer0.314$5.50
4-oz Cosmetic/Special0.340$5.50
16-oz Trigger1.4951$23.99
16-oz Cosmetic/Special1.418$14.99
1-gallon Refill8.5986$79.99
1 Gallon Cosmetic Defects8.55$50.99


Combo Packs

Description PriceQtyAdd To Cart
BTS 32-oz / Line & Lure Combo-Pack

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Bow To Stern 12oz Care Kit Combo-Pack$10.99
Bow To Stern 16oz Care Kit Combo-Pack$14.99
Mega Sampler Pack Combo-Pack$55.99


Description PriceQtyAdd To Cart
Line & Lure Multipack

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Dynovatech LLC is a specialty chemical company based in Greensboro, GA. Dynovatech is committed to bringing innovative protective treatments and other specialty chemical products to market that exceed the current offerings in the consumer market. We currently service the sporting, recreation, and pet care markets. Dynovatech currently has the following products on the market: Line & Lure® fishing line conditioner, BTS Marine Protectant and ArmaShield All Surface Protectant.