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El Grande Lures - Gila Monster
El Grande Lures - Gila Monster

Watermelon w/ Red Flake

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• Watermelon w/ Red Flake

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It has taken almost one full year and countless modifications to get the perfect lizard for trophy bass fishing, but we at El Grande are convinced we have done it.

We at El Grande have fished the ribbon tail lizards in the 8" version for years with success, but we wanted something with more big fish appeal that could be used for flipping as well as Carolina Rigging, Texas Rigging, and weightless. The Gila Monster passed the tests for these techniques with flying colors. The flipping lizard was very popular in the 70's due to it being a very, very successful lure. We then saw the market swamped with ribbon tail lizards and that still seems to be the lizard of choice due to availablity and varieties offered in the ribbon tail models. When you drag this into a bed, be prepared!


Length:8 3/4 Inches

Rigging: We suggest rigging with a 5/0 or 6/0 wide gapped hook and fished on a minimum of 50lb braid. Be prepared to get some extremely hard strikes. It seems the bass try to kill this lizard and according to one staff member from Texas, his pole got ripped from his hands! His first fish broke the leader. He commented that "from now on, he needs to fish braid". The fall rate is adequate enough that in shallow conditions, there is no need to weight this lizard if you fish slow.


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About this Manufacturer

Our company began by manufacturing plastics for those seeking the giant bass of Mexico. We have evolved into a company that creates lures that attract the monarchs of each watershed you may fish, whether it be for Muskie in Wisconsin, Redfish in Louisianna, or Bass on Falcon. We are a firm believer in throwing large and unique plastics and that is exactly what we offer.

Many claim to make big fish lures, we actually make BIG lures for BIG fish!