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El Grande Lures 5" Swimbait
El Grande Lures 5

Green Tilapia

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5 Inch El Grande Lures Swimbait. The lure has a hookslot for easy rigging. Rig this on a football head jig with weedguard. On our test run, we caught over 100 fish on lake El Salto in 4 days on this swimbait. The bass absolutley attack this lure.


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1Green Tilapia0.112$10.00


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About this Manufacturer

Our company began by manufacturing plastics for those seeking the giant bass of Mexico. We have evolved into a company that creates lures that attract the monarchs of each watershed you may fish, whether it be for Muskie in Wisconsin, Redfish in Louisianna, or Bass on Falcon. We are a firm believer in throwing large and unique plastics and that is exactly what we offer.

Many claim to make big fish lures, we actually make BIG lures for BIG fish!