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Dunk'em Mouse Trap
Dunk'em Mouse Trap

Dunk'em Trap

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The Dunk 'em mouse trap works with only water and your choice of bait. There are no springs to snap and injure your fingers and no sticky glue and no poisons. Old style traps allow the captured mice to decompose and stink up the room but with the Dunk'em Trap you will never have a missing trap or a dead, poisoned stinky mouse in your walls.
How does it work?
  1. Just fill your Dunk'em trap with water to the water line
  2. Bait the "bait stick"
  3. Clip on the Mouse Ramp
  4. Place it in a room with mouse activity.
Once you have caught mice simply pour out the water and the dead mice. You NEVER have to touch a dead mouse again! This trap does not need to be baited after each use because the mice cannot get to the bait. For the best results fresh bait is recommended because it will attract more mice.
The Dunk'em Trap will save you money!
You will never have to throw it away after it traps your mice. Just dump them out, fill it up with fresh water and put it back to work to catch more mice. The Dunk'em trap is not very big. This allows you to put it almost anywhere. It weights less than a pound without water! Once it is filled and baited it will catch and kill anywhere from 1 to 5 mice without ever resetting it, because it resets itself.


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About this Manufacturer

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Dunk'em, LLC
Here at Dunk'em, LLC, we understand your frustration all too well. Awaken in the middle of the night by the scratching and scampering of mice in your bedroom. Or worse - having one crawl on you while you sleep!
We tried all the traps and poisons currently on the market. And just like you we have shared your troubles. So we set out to design an easy to use, no hassle mouse trap and what we ended up with was the Dunk'em Trap.
Now anyone can solve their mouse problem without ever touching a single mouse or calling an exterminator.