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Titanium Triad XE Alcohol / Fuel Tab Stove
Titanium Triad XE Alcohol / Fuel Tab Stove

Triad XE

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The Vargo Titanium Triad XE is a dual-fuel (alcohol / fuel tab) stove. The XE was designed for weight-conscious backpackers that recognize the advantages and disadvantages of burning denatured alcohol. Specifically, denatured alcohol does not burn as well in high altitude (generally over 11,000 feet) or very cold temperatures (below 20 degrees F). In these situations burning fuel tabs is recommended.

Characteristics of burning alcohol in the XE include intense heat during the priming stage and moderate heat once primed. Once primed the stove is very fuel efficient, using very little alcohol. In general, the XE can be used effectively in any condition, making it a stove that we believe sets a higher standard in ultralight hiking.


  • removable inner container
  • compact design
  • retractable top and bottom legs
  • easy to fill
  • burn time: approx 25 minutes
  • boils two cups of water in approximately 6 minutes
  • fits any size pot (If you use a small diameter pot for cooking, such as a mug, simply fold the top legs in so that they rest against the top of the inner container)

  1. Fully extend the top and bottom legs and press stove legs into ground to create a stable surface (do not light on a rock or picnic table, etc).
  2. Remove lid from inner container and carefully pour denatured alcohol inside container to desired level.
  3. Lightly press on lid to create a seal (do not over press or lid will become difficult to remove).
  4. Prime stove by squirting 5~6 drops of alcohol between the outer and inner container then light.
  5. NOTE: If burning fuel tabs simply remove inner container and place fuel tab in center of outer base.
  • Attempting to burn fuels other than denatured alcohol or fuel tabs could result in explosion and possible injury.
  • Add alcohol only after the stove has cooled thoroughly to prevent injury.


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Vargo Outdoors began as a website devoted to providing information on how to backpack and offered various hiking checklists and Appalachian Trail statistics. Our site was not a money making venture, just a place to publish ideas on backpacking. It was a few years later, around 2002, that we converted to an online store and began selling backpacking gear, climbing equipment and outdoor apparel.
The next leap occured a year later when we began designing and manufacturing backpacking equipment. We started with titanium tent stakes, then alcohol backpacking stoves, then a titanium mug and kept expanding. In 2008 we added a dry bag line called the DriSeal Series. Today, we offer about 60 items manufactured under the Vargo brand and have a retail store in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.