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Living Design Technology Rainbow Ceramic Harmonizers
Living Design Technology Rainbow Ceramic Harmonizers

Rainbow Chargers

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Our Rainbow Ceramic Harmonizer’s everlasting beauty and sophistication will make them right at home in any environment, whether it’s as a centerpiece on your living room coffee table, on your dashboard in your car, an outdoor patio, or as a piece of jewelry. Living Design Ceramic Harmonizers are designed to provide a combination of both indestructibility and beauty for harmonizing large areas and both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Because they are crafted from durable ceramic material, they are excellent for use when harmonizing outdoor spaces where the elements can be harsh and unforgiving. With the rainbow line in particular, because it is glazed, it is not subject to being stained or discolored. And because it’s been enhanced with the full harmonic visible light spectrum, it brings an additional element of beauty when compared to our Natural Line to enhance the experience of the viewer. Contact us for a free 15 minute consultation to get the most from your ceramic harmonizers.

Imprinted with a powerful proprietary blend of naturally occurring geometric shapes, along with stabilized electro-conductive and biodynamic algorithms, these harmonizers are designed to infuse subtle energy fields with a full and balanced harmonic spectrum of magnetic frequencies common to all life. While the environment is not stable, our products are. Our custom process permanently infuses this beneficial energy quality directly into printed materials – first generation only. It is important to note that the Logo is not a representative of the technology.


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SizeStyle Wt. Stock Price Qty. Add To Cart
XS - 0.875"Pendant Silver Bail0.120$75.00
XS - 0.875"Pendant Gold Bail0.120$75.00
S - 1.375"Pendant Silver Bail0.118$95.00
S - 1.375"Pendant Gold Bail0.120$95.00
S - 1.375"Plain Disc0.120$52.00
M - 2.625"Plain Disc0.320$78.00
L - 4.75"Plain Disc0.620$156.00
XL - 7.125"Plain Disc1.320$295.00


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About this Manufacturer

LDT Logo

Living Design Consultants (LDC) bridges hard-scientific principles such as Earth Systems Science and bio-electromagnetics, together with principles and practices common to many ancient philosophies that understand sacred geometry, prana, and the principles underlying Feng Shui that contribute to inner and outer harmony and ultimately, world peace.

Our specialized consulting services and energy harmonizing products provide a full and balanced spectrum of frequencies common to all life, assisting Nature in self-balance. Through conscious organization of natural and human-made environments, chaotic, life-depleting, electromagnetic fields are effectively synchronized with the vibrational balance of Nature’s own blueprint, resulting in rejuvenation and restoration over time.